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I am really impressed with it as it has helped settle the pain in my back

 "I am really impressed with it as it has helped settle the pain in my back as I permanently wear a short length moon boot on my left foot. As you can imagine after 8 years walking awkwardly my back was not happy. With the new Evenup, I can walk a little better and my pain levels have dropped some. Thank you again for the great service I have received and your wonderful product" Miranda Kennedy

Everyone with a moonboot needs to know that your product exists

"My Even up has arrived and YES it has saved my back from further damage. Thank you so much for this and for the care and love that went into the packaging of it. I strongly recommend that you contact the orthopedic surgeons association and ACC in NZ to let them know you exist because no one told me about your product until I personally dug around online to find it. Everyone with a moonboot needs to know that your product exists, as it will save thousands of dollars spent on visits to spinal practitioners. Feel free to share " Michael Westcot

It definitely makes you feel more balanced

"Started using my even up today with partial weight bearing. It definitely makes you feel more balanced." Barry Koenders

I can stand and move around without seriously limping or feeling I am about to fall

"What can I say! Even up is just fantastic it means I can stand and move around without seriously limping or feeling I am about to fall sideways. My hip no longer is aching if on my feet for just a short period. So easy to change from sneaker to short boot when going out. Stairs I have plenty these were an obstacle, 2 crutches and uneven balance were a nightmare. Even up has given me the stability required to make stairs easier. Less pain in my knee again walking with a leg difference of around 3.5 to 4 cm, of course, the knee which also was part of my injury was going to be an issue. Thank you for my parcel it arrived within 2 days your personal note, card and ribbon ?? Wrapping did cheer me up. Being incapacitated and in pain killers, I have had many moments of feeling sorry for myself and crying ??. Anything that lifts the spirits is so welcome." Linda Nixon

I am much more comfortable and have less hip pain

"I am much more comfortable and have less hip pain. The hospital gave me the info on a knee scooter at the time of my injury as well as a stool for the shower, but I learnt about the even up through a blogger on you tube. A brochure of this product should also be given out at the hospital as well as it will ultimately improve recovery and lesson the chance niggly hip injuries from uneven walking. You are doing really well - very prompt delivery - very high quality" Rebekah Haycock

Awesome Product

"Thanks for an awesome product and super service" Miranda

I have pain no more on my hip and leg

"I was struggling with my balance and encountered a lot of pain on my hip and good leg. I have already used and I have pain no more on my hip and leg, walking like normal. Quick delivery and easy to purchase via online." Alex Pausanos

I am so excited about being able to walk evenly without pain

"The even up is the best thing ever I am so excited about being able to walk evenly without pain to my hips and knees, a real lifesaver - LOVED THE THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING AND MESSAGES!!" Rachel Parmee

A must buy and must try

"Thank u so much for my evenup my daughter is 28 years has been in pain in her hips and back because one leg is shorter then the other and now she has an evenup she is looking more happier with almost no more pain in her hip and back. A must buy and must try recommend to all, thank you so much." Sounder

It makes such a difference when walking

"My order has arrived and is a great success! It surprises me that the balancer isn't included with the issue of moonboots, as it makes such a difference when walking and must stop a lot of back problems. We also appreciated the personal note included for Brian and all the information. It was a lively parcel to receive!! Thank you" Lindsay Buck

Customer Testimonials

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Meet a few of our customers and see how Cast Covers has impacted their recovery:

'"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Rarotonga. Before we left our 8-year-old daughter fell off her scooter and broke both bones in her arm. This was a huge blow for us as our holiday was all booked and we were nearly packing to leave. I went online and google searched cast covers and thankfully you guys came up! I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this product was … no more plastic bags, yay !!! Our girl was able to enjoy the holiday just like the rest of us, even diving and jumping into the pool and snorkelling out in the lagoon for hours on end. We have just had her cast removed but will be holding onto this wee gem for the future, thanks so much!!!  I can’t stress enough how awesome your product is. Even after using it every day for 6 weeks in plaster it’s still in absolutely pristine condition." 

Jenna Sayer, Queenstown

" I would just like to congratulate you not only on the great service, but also the great product i.e. Waterproof Protector. My wife received hers yesterday, she has been suffering from an ulcer on the lower part of her leg which has required heavy bandaging twice a week for some time, and today had the first carefree shower that she has been able to have for many weeks. We will both be eternally grateful for this great product. Thank you so very much."

Neville & Dian Butler

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am going with my evenup. 

I have been using it every day since going from a cast into a moonboot and honestly do not know what I would do without it! Although I am still uneven due to my moonboot having a particularly large sole to it, the evenup at least reduces the strain on my other Achilles’ tendon and my hips and back. 

I have been interested to observe that few physiotherapists are even aware these are available and are very impressed with the concept on seeing mine." 
Louise Manders

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