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Can I collect my order?

Click & Collect is available from us in Pakuranga. Orders placed by 10am will be available to collect after 12noon on the same day. We will email the address for collection.


What are the delivery options?

In the shopping cart you may select if you would like Signature Required Delivery or Signature NOT Required Delivery. If you choose to have your purchase delivered without a signature of receipt, you are liable for actions thereafter the couriers said delivery.


Shipping Options:


We want to make your online shopping experience with us a straightforward, easy process, this is why we offer free express shipping within New Zealand for orders over $200 to an Urban address in an NZ City or Town using Post Haste Couriers. Delivery takes generally 2 to 3 working days from dispatch, depending on your location.

Unfortunately, due to large increases in the cost of deliveries to NZ Rural Addresses, we are no longer able to offer free delivery to Rural Addresses. The cost of delivery to a Rural Address is a flat rate of $11.99.

If your order is less than $100, the delivery fee is a flat rate of $6.99 to Urban addresses in NZ towns or cities.

Orders are shipped on normal business days (Monday to Friday).

Orders placed by 10am will be shipped on that business day.

We are unable to offer a Saturday delivery service nor delivery to Post Office Boxes.

We ship international orders to Australia through FGM International Express Courier (7 to 10 working days), tracked, signature required service for orders up to 1kg $25.00.


Will I be given a tracking number?

A tracking number and link will be emailed to you as soon as your order is on its way to you in a shipping confirmation email.


Can I send an order outside of New Zealand?

Yes, we can send orders to Australia  using FGM International Express Courier,, tracked, signature required service for orders up to 1 kg $25.00


How to put on your Bloccs Protector

Please read the following instructions carefully before using your Bloccs Protector.

These instructions must be followed to use your protector safely and to ensure that the watertight seal is effective.

The decision to take a bath, shower or to enter a swimming pool is taken at your own risk. Medical advice should be sought to ensure that the activity will not affect your injury.

As your Bloccs protector is made from natural rubber, you should remove any sharp jewellery and take care not to puncture the cover with your fingernails. If there appear to be any sharp or rough edges on the cast you should cover these with tape or a stretchy bandage, particularly if it is a fibreglass cast.

To put the Bloccs protector on easily, turn half the protector down so that the seal is at the bottom. Put the first half on and then slowly roll up the remainder until the seal is in the correct position at the top, above the bandage or cast.

Gently remove any air from the protector by holding the seal open at the top and flattening the protector against the cast, moving upwards until all the air has been removed. When bathing or swimming, this can also be done by gradually lowering the limb into the water; the pressure of the water will force the air to the top of the protector. Gently pull the seal away from the skin to remove the air before submerging.

Warning – natural rubber can become slippery when wet. See instructions on use of full or short leg Bloccs protectors. Please also see instructions for using a Bloccs protector at a swimming pool.

Using your Bloccs protector at a swimming pool

Bloccs protectors have been designed using the same type of seal found on a dry suit which is used for water sports.

The seal will be effective for gentle use in a swimming pool or spa pool for someone who is recovering from an injury.

You should not jump or dive into the pool. The protectors have not been designed for diving or snorkelling.

All air should be removed from the Bloccs protector before entering the water by massaging the cover upwards towards the seal to release any trapped air. This can also be done by gradually lowering the limb into the water, the pressure of the water will force the air to the top of the cover, gently pull the seal away from the skin to remove the air before submerging.

We recommend that the Bloccs protector is regularly checked during use to ensure that the seal has remained watertight and is still comfortable.

The protector can be worn for up to 60 minutes providing it is still comfortable to wear, does not feel too tight and it is checked regularly.

Use Bloccs Leg Protectors

Natural rubber can be slippery when wet. You should use a bath mat in the shower or bath and ensure that you step onto the mat. A non-slip mat or towel should be placed on the floor for when you get out of the bath or shower.

If you are using a Bloccs leg protector to enter a swimming pool, you must ensure that all the air is expelled from the cover, as described previously. As rubber can be slippery when wet you should not walk around the side of the pool wearing a Bloccs protector.

The protector should be put on just before entering the pool and removed as soon as you leave the pool.

Care should be taken when using swimming pool steps as they may be slippery. You should ensure that you hold on tightly to the hand rail at all times when using steps.

Bloccs Protector Care

The Bloccs protector is subject to wear and tear but should last for about 4 weeks of normal use.

Over time, all latex rubber loses its ability to stretch, becoming hard and brittle. This process of perishing or degradation occurs due to exposure of the rubber to the environmental factors of light, heat and ozone which induces chemical changes in the latex.

The protector must be checked before each use to ensure that there are no signs of damage or fatigue.

If the protector has deteriorated or becomes damaged in any way a replacement should be purchased.


Ever wondered what happens if you get your cast wet?

Well, it’s not good news:

If you have a Plaster of Paris Cast and it gets wet, it quickly turns into a soggy mess and won’t hold the bone in place.

If you have a Fibreglass Cast and water seeps under the cast, not only does this weaken the cast, it can soak the padding under the cast, which can then cause irritation and infection of the skin can develop.

We’re all keen to get rid of our cast as quickly as possible, wearing a Bloccs Waterproof Cast Cover can keep your cast dry for showering, bathing and swimming, helping you recuperate quickly.


The storage temperature should be kept below 26 degrees Celsius and the protector should be stored away from heaters. In extreme cold the protector may become stiff; this is not permanent and warming will correct this.

Moist storage conditions should be avoided. The protector should be protected from prolonged exposure to light, in particular direct sunlight and artificial light with a high UV content.

Avoid contact with copper and copper- containing alloys.

Keep away from naked flames.

Contact should be avoided with solvents, oils and greases.


The Bloccs protector can be washed in warm water and should then be dried carefully inside and out.

If you dust the inside lightly with talc, this will make the Bloccs protector easier to put on.

Do not tumble dry the protector or dry on a radiator.


Manufacturing details and materials used

Bloccs Waterproof Protectors are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Bloccs which specialises in manufacturing specialist medical products made from rubber.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 Quality System.

Warning: Natural Rubber Protein can cause an allergic reaction.


Returns Policy 

Please click here for details of our returns policy


How do I return my order?

To exchange an item just send us a quick email within 30 days of dispatch of your order and let us know the reason why you wish to make an exchange. Exchanges can only be accepted if purchased through www.castcovers.co.nz and only once we have provided a Return Authorisation Number to you. If you have bought an item via another website or retail store please contact them directly.

Of course, all products must be returned in original new condition, unwashed, unworn, with tags still attached in the original, as new packaging. The item should be packaged carefully so that it does not become damaged during transit and returned in a courier satchel to our postal address:

TXG Ltd trading as Cast Covers NZ
PO Box 51467
Auckland 2140
New Zealand

Upon receipt of returned goods, TXG trading as Cast Covers NZ reserves the right to deny refund or exchange if the product does not meet our return policy requirements.

TXG Ltd trading as Cast Covers NZ takes no responsibility for returned items that do not reach us. We suggest that you get postal insurance before sending the item.


What happens if I damage my Cast Cover during use?

Cast Covers NZ takes no responsibility for damage caused to the Waterproof Protectors during use.

Please read carefully the enclosed care instructions and watch the videos on our website which show how to use the Bloccs Waterproof Cast Protectors.

Please examine your cast cover carefully before use, if there is any manufacturing fault, please do not use the cover but contact us and we will send a replacement cover to you and arrange to get the faulty cover returned to us. Only unused Cast Protectors will be exchanged.

The Bloccs waterproof covers are manufactured from high-quality rubber and are durable, however, if not handled with care the rubber may cut or tear. Sharp rough edges on casts, jewellery or sharp fingernails can penetrate the rubber. As the care of the Cast Cover after purchase is outside of our control, we are unable to replace or refund any covers which are damaged during use.


How long will a Bloccs Cast Cover last?

The Bloccs Waterproof Protectors are subject to wear and tear, but should last for about 4 weeks of normal use.

Over time, all latex rubber loses its ability to stretch, becoming hard and brittle. This process of perishing or degradation occurs due to exposure of the rubber to the environmental factors of light, heat and ozone which induces chemical changes in the latex.

We recommend checking the protectors before each use to ensure that there are no signs of damage or fatigue.

If the protector has deteriorated or become damaged in any way a replacement should be purchased.


Bloccs Waterproof Protector Care & Usage Guide

A Bloccs® Care & Usage Guide is included with each cover.

Before using a Bloccs® or supervising a child with theirs, please read the instructions carefully. This will ensure the protector is being used safely and the watertight seal is effective.

Click here to access the Bloccs Care & Usage Guide

Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of people find relief while they are recuperating and we're an ACC approved vendor. 
Meet a few of our customers and see how Cast Covers has impacted their recovery:

'"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Rarotonga. Before we left our 8-year-old daughter fell off her scooter and broke both bones in her arm. This was a huge blow for us as our holiday was all booked and we were nearly packing to leave. I went online and google searched cast covers and thankfully you guys came up! I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this product was … no more plastic bags, yay !!! Our girl was able to enjoy the holiday just like the rest of us, even diving and jumping into the pool and snorkelling out in the lagoon for hours on end. We have just had her cast removed but will be holding onto this wee gem for the future, thanks so much!!!  I can’t stress enough how awesome your product is. Even after using it every day for 6 weeks in plaster it’s still in absolutely pristine condition." 

Jenna Sayer, Queenstown

" I would just like to congratulate you not only on the great service, but also the great product i.e. Waterproof Protector. My wife received hers yesterday, she has been suffering from an ulcer on the lower part of her leg which has required heavy bandaging twice a week for some time, and today had the first carefree shower that she has been able to have for many weeks. We will both be eternally grateful for this great product. Thank you so very much."

Neville & Dian Butler

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am going with my evenup. 

I have been using it every day since going from a cast into a moonboot and honestly do not know what I would do without it! Although I am still uneven due to my moonboot having a particularly large sole to it, the evenup at least reduces the strain on my other Achilles’ tendon and my hips and back. 

I have been interested to observe that few physiotherapists are even aware these are available and are very impressed with the concept on seeing mine." 
Louise Manders

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