Weatherproof Cover Reviews

We love hearing how our Weatherproof cast and moon boot covers can help make life during recovery a little easier. 

 Awesome cast covers

“Absolutely would recommend 100%! Awesome cast covers and super quick delivery! Excellent service all around and love the product” Linley Scheib

Absolutely Amazing

“My son had surgery on both of his legs to stretch his calf muscles, so he was in casts on both legs. These cast covers have been absolutely amazing, as he was at school in a wheelchair and going from class block to class block in the rain it stopped his casts getting wet, he also wore them when having showers and his casts did not get wet. Because of the size I got he is also able to put them over his moon boots. I would definitely highly recommend these covers. The service I received was well above what I expected, Cast Covers NZ really do care. I would just like to thank you for making this a easy process and decision to make.” Wendy

The protection has been a game shifter for our son and us

“It gave our son's leg cast the best protection it needed. Showering was so easy and we could be confident it wouldn't leak and the weatherproof cover was perfect for living on a farm and the beach. I am already telling everyone about it even gave the details to the Fracture Clinic the other day. The protection has been a game shifter for our son and us. Your communication and customer service was second to none. Immediate and helpful. Can't thank you enough.” Sands Taylor

It let me leave the house in the rain! 

“It let me leave the house in the rain!. Absolutely recommend! Excellent product and service, keep up the excellent work.” Allie Poland

Very happy

“Very happy with cover thanks. Much appreciated.” Garth Cupido

It meant I could actually go outside

"Due to the fact that we have a large rural property and a large garden. The weatherproof leg cast cover meant that I could actually go outside and sit on the ride on mower confident that all of the stuff that flicks up wouldn't affect my cast. With my leg resting on a cushion and my cast protected I have enjoyed being able to get out and about on our property. I would definitely recommend the weatherproof cover - great product range and so practical. Also fantastic customer service." Cheryl

I feel confident to go outside

"I feel confident to go outside without wrecking the cast because of the weatherproof cover. I can sit on a football sideline and not be too worried if it does start to rain. Getting outside is fantastic. I would recommend it as it gives me a bit more freedom. Your customer service was great." Carmen

It has made out lives a little less stressful

"Thank you for the cast covers. You have a wonderful product, we are extremely happy with them. While my daughter is in a cast it has made our lives a little bit less stressful to know she can shower easily and go out in the rain without damaging her cast!" Nalina Sharma

Gave me the ability to go out in all types of weather

"My weatherproof moonboot cover was high quality and gave me the ability to go out in all types of weather" Diane 

Made life much easier

"My rain cover for my leg cast made life much easier. I would definitely recommend it. The service was excellent!!" Jack Brice

Happy husband is back out on the farm

"The cast cover arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! Happy husband is back out on the farm! Thank you so much, it has made a difference already!" Caroline

Very happy

"Very happy with cover thanks. Much appreciated." Garth Cupido

Great product

"Great Product" Smiler






Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of people find relief while they are recuperating and we're an ACC approved vendor. 
Meet a few of our customers and see how Cast Covers has impacted their recovery:

'"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Rarotonga. Before we left our 8-year-old daughter fell off her scooter and broke both bones in her arm. This was a huge blow for us as our holiday was all booked and we were nearly packing to leave. I went online and google searched cast covers and thankfully you guys came up! I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this product was … no more plastic bags, yay !!! Our girl was able to enjoy the holiday just like the rest of us, even diving and jumping into the pool and snorkelling out in the lagoon for hours on end. We have just had her cast removed but will be holding onto this wee gem for the future, thanks so much!!!  I can’t stress enough how awesome your product is. Even after using it every day for 6 weeks in plaster it’s still in absolutely pristine condition." 

Jenna Sayer, Queenstown

" I would just like to congratulate you not only on the great service, but also the great product i.e. Waterproof Protector. My wife received hers yesterday, she has been suffering from an ulcer on the lower part of her leg which has required heavy bandaging twice a week for some time, and today had the first carefree shower that she has been able to have for many weeks. We will both be eternally grateful for this great product. Thank you so very much."

Neville & Dian Butler

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am going with my evenup. 

I have been using it every day since going from a cast into a moonboot and honestly do not know what I would do without it! Although I am still uneven due to my moonboot having a particularly large sole to it, the evenup at least reduces the strain on my other Achilles’ tendon and my hips and back. 

I have been interested to observe that few physiotherapists are even aware these are available and are very impressed with the concept on seeing mine." 
Louise Manders

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