What are Cast Covers? A Beginner's Guide

Girl with broken leg in a cast resting on a seat

Getting injured means having to change your lifestyle.  Not only can an injury or accident cause you considerable pain, but it may also become difficult for you to do everyday things.  Breaking a leg or an arm means that you have to think about taking things easy for weeks or even months. 

Of course, a broken bone will mean you need to wear a cast.  You should always do so if you want to heal quickly and get back to doing the things you love!  However, no one likes wearing casts because they can be heavy, cumbersome, and pretty inconvenient!  While they help us to heal and prevent further damage and pain, they can also restrict how we live our lives. 

Cast covers, therefore, offer fantastic ways for you to keep doing the things you love.  They can also help add a little personality to your cast – if you’re finding plain plaster or fabric boring to look at! 

If it’s your first time buying cast covers for your arms or legs, don’t worry.  Make sure to read our guides and resources, and you will soon find the perfect solution for your everyday woes.  Don’t let a cast or sling get in the way of daily life!


Why Should I Wear a Cast?

Casts exist to protect healing limbs.  For example, if you have severely sprained your arm, you may need to wear a sling so that it is held still and given a chance to repair.  You may even have broken a leg – in which case, you are going to need to keep it as elevated as possible.  Failure to wear casts is just going to cause you extra pain, and it could also mean that your bones take more time to heal than expected.

However, some people don't like wearing casts because they can restrict what they do.  For example, it can be challenging to move around or even to take a bath or shower.  With it generally recommended that you keep a cast or sling from getting wet wherever possible, it can be tricky to wash without accidentally splashing.

Casts, too, aren’t always aesthetically pleasing.  Some people may even feel embarrassed when it is evident that they have injured themselves!  While there are often ways for you to conceal an injury, most of them are time-consuming.  What’s more, there really isn’t any need for you to hide.  Accidents happen!


Why Wear a Cast Cover?

So – let’s start looking at some of the benefits of wearing a cast cover in general.  Not all cast covers do the same thing!  Some are used for decorative purposes, while others help to support everyday living and activities.  Essentially, cast covers help to give you back a lot of daily confidence, as well as to protect your injury.

Cast covers are sadly not provided as standard when you have a plaster or sling fitted.  That can make things very awkward for people – as it’s not always simple to keep injured arms and legs out of harm’s way!  Without cast covers, people may find themselves damaging their casts and slings, which may result in further trips to the hospital or doctor’s office.  It might also mean they experience more pain or lack of mobility.

With all of this in mind, let’s consider some of the main reasons why people buy broken leg cast covers online, and how they could benefit you in the long run.


Waterproofing with Cast Covers


Girl in spa pool wearing a waterproof cast cover


Waterproof cast covers are very popular with kids and adults alike.  Naturally, we are all going to want (and need) to bathe regularly!  However, with many casts and slings at risk of being damaged in water, getting in the shower or bathtub can become a bit of an ordeal.  Many people find that they have to resort to strip-washing while wearing a cast.  That is very time-consuming, as well as a lot of effort.

However, the alternatives are worse.  If they get their cast or sling wet, they may have to have it completely re-fitted.  It may also mean that their injuries take longer to heal!  There’s a balance – you either need to take a lot of time and care to keep your cast dry, or risk going backward and forwards to a specialist.

That’s why waterproof covering for casts is so popular.  Cast covers protect against water, that’s through bathing, showering, even swimming.  Waterproof cast covers come in a variety of sizes and fits and they are completely watertight, which means you can fully submerge them.  Simply choose the right size, and you can comfortably relax and gently swim without worrying about your injuries.

Waterproof cast covers tightly stretch over casts and slings of all sizes.  They are also extremely comfortable, allowing your body to breathe while you unwind.  Waterproof arm protectors and leg covers are simple to put on and remove, making them a must for children who need to look after wounds and sprains.




Decorative Cast Covers

Girl wearing decorative arm cast cover at computer desk

Casts aren't always visually pleasing – let's face it!  What's more, they aren't built to endure busy lifestyles.  Without due care and attention, they can snag and tear and are also at risk of getting dirty.  As you should never wash or submerge a bare cast, this means you are going to be carrying around a cast which will get dirty over time.  For many people, this can be very off-putting!

That is why many choose to use decorative cast covers. Decorative cast covers not only protect against dust, dirt and snagging, but also look fantastic.  You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles.  Therefore, if you prefer classic, elegant blacks, and blues or snazzy pinks and yellows, you can dress your cast in any way you choose.

As with waterproof cast covers, these sleeves are designed to fit a variety of people. What's more, they are stretchy and air-tight. That means that your cast will always be protected and that your wounds and injuries can still breathe. 

Cast covers are also fully washable by hand, and decorative sleeves are ideal for non-weight-bearing casts.






How Do I Choose the Right Cast Covers?

Shopping for the perfect cast cover is easier than you may imagine.  You’ll need to purchase one which will fit your arm or leg, as well as one which suits your exact needs.  If you are likely to go swimming regularly, then a waterproof cover will naturally fit your purposes.  If you would like to keep your cast clean and looking good, then a decorative, practical cover will be ideal.

However, you must take care to measure accurately for your cover.  Otherwise, you may find that your purchase doesn’t fit properly or not provide the correct protection.  You will need to measure the length of your cast as well as its circumference in cm.

You can then use these measurements to choose the right size.  It is always better to buy a cover, which is slightly larger than your measurements, so that it is not too tight a fit.  Cast covers will generally come in three main sizes, small, medium, and large.  However, this may vary depending on the product you buy.


What is a Shoe Balancer?

Even Up Shoe Balancer worn beside a moonboot


As well as cast covers, you may want to think about purchasing a shoe balancer if you have a leg or foot injury.  These balancers work by adding lift to your foot or moon boot, therefore alleviating pain and strain in your legs and hips.

Balancers are adjustable and work to help even out your walking pattern.  If you have a leg or foot cast or brace and are struggling to walk evenly, an even up shoe balancer will help to offer a little more stability.  They are recommended for up to three months of regular use and are a temporary solution.

These supports are generally available in three sizes for adults.  Therefore, you must measure the size of your shoe in length (cm).  Once again, over-compensating is better than under-compensating, but balancer sizes will cover wide measurement ranges.








Confidence in Comfort

Cast covers and Shoe Balancers offer people all over New Zealand the chance to regain confidence and comfort in their everyday routine.  They can help to both keep you stable and supported while protecting your injuries from dirt and water.  What's more, they come in a variety of styles and colours!

If it is your first time buying cast protectors, don’t worry.  Help is at hand!  Wearing a cast doesn’t mean that you have to suffer.  Casts exist to help support you on your route to a full recovery.

For added support and care, consider buying a cast cover for your arm sling or leg cast.  Take a look at our wider catalogue, or call our team directly if you would like any extra advice!


Further Support and Guidance

Please note that the above guide is advisory only, and should not replace any medical support or guidance.  We recommend asking any questions you may have regarding your cast and injury during consultations.  Do always take care with your cast, and never over-exert yourself.

However, if you are interested in buying a cast cover, there are plenty of great choices available online.  Why not take a look at our range, or call our team for more information?




Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of people find relief while they are recuperating and we're an ACC approved vendor. 
Meet a few of our customers and see how Cast Covers has impacted their recovery:

'"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Rarotonga. Before we left our 8-year-old daughter fell off her scooter and broke both bones in her arm. This was a huge blow for us as our holiday was all booked and we were nearly packing to leave. I went online and google searched cast covers and thankfully you guys came up! I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this product was … no more plastic bags, yay !!! Our girl was able to enjoy the holiday just like the rest of us, even diving and jumping into the pool and snorkelling out in the lagoon for hours on end. We have just had her cast removed but will be holding onto this wee gem for the future, thanks so much!!!  I can’t stress enough how awesome your product is. Even after using it every day for 6 weeks in plaster it’s still in absolutely pristine condition." 

Jenna Sayer, Queenstown

" I would just like to congratulate you not only on the great service, but also the great product i.e. Waterproof Protector. My wife received hers yesterday, she has been suffering from an ulcer on the lower part of her leg which has required heavy bandaging twice a week for some time, and today had the first carefree shower that she has been able to have for many weeks. We will both be eternally grateful for this great product. Thank you so very much."

Neville & Dian Butler

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am going with my evenup. 

I have been using it every day since going from a cast into a moonboot and honestly do not know what I would do without it! Although I am still uneven due to my moonboot having a particularly large sole to it, the evenup at least reduces the strain on my other Achilles’ tendon and my hips and back. 

I have been interested to observe that few physiotherapists are even aware these are available and are very impressed with the concept on seeing mine." 
Louise Manders

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